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Mission Statement and Fundamental Policies

Mission Statement

We contribute to the regional community through our medical services. Providing high-quality medical care together with the spirit of “Saisei” (life-saving).

Fundamental Policy

  1. We provide the community with reliable preventive medical care with a spirit of empathy as health partners.
  2. Each one of the staff members keeps making efforts with high aspirations as a medical personnel.
  3. We proactively promote the alliance for preventive medical care as members of the regional community.

Message from Director

済生会熊本病院予防医療センター センター長 満崎 克彦

Director of centre

Katsuhiko Mitsuzaki

High-Quality and Reliability

Center for Preventive Medicine of Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital provides each one of our customers with high-quality preventive medical care with a spirit of empathy.

From Treatment to Prevention

In recent years, medical care has been advancing day by day together with the development of new drugs and minimally invasive surgeries. However, a delayed detection of disease may require invasive surgeries or more time for treatment, and sometimes become too late. In order to avoid these unfavorable circumstances, it is important to prevent diseases by detecting minor physical changes at an early stage and treat them immediately.

We Keep Managing Customers’ Health by Providing High-Quality
Preventive Medical Care

Technological innovation and the development of medical equipment in the healthcare sector have made remarkable progress, and AI-equipped testing/diagnostic devices have been developed and became more and more popular. Our center has introduced the latest equipment such as AI-equipped diagnostic device for chest area and AI-supported colonoscopy to perform high-quality, customer-friendly examinations with specialists. Moreover, skilled public health nurses, dietitians and fitness instructors offer customized health management plans to prevent diseases.

We Protect Customers’ Health Together with the Community as a Unity,Building Relationship of Mutual Trust

We are strengthening alliance with regional medical institutions and developing a health management system in collaboration with the community. We are trying to build an integrative and sustainable system for keep maintaining customers’ health without letting health screening as a single annual event. We will try to keep maintaining the relationship of trust with our customers, and provide a new style of health screening services to become a preventive medical care center that will be selected by the community.

Customers’ Rights

Center for Preventive Medicine of Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital respects the rights of all customers, and promises the following to provide safe and beneficial health screening services.

  1. All customers, regardless of age, gender and sense of value are respected, and have rights to receive high-quality health screening services and optional examinations according to their requests.
  2. All customers have rights to receive the guidance on details and eventual risks of examinations in comprehensive languages, and will be able to undergo the examinations only after full understanding and consent.
  3. When we advise customers to have treatments, we will provide thorough explanation describing the treatments and their potential risks in advance.
  4. For customers who undergo detailed examinations and/or treatments after health screenings, we will refer them to regional healthcare organizations upon their requests. In such cases, we will provide our customers with necessary documents including letters of requests for detailed examinations accordingly.
  5. Customer’s health-related information and privacy will be protected. Our customers also have rights to request the organization to disclose the information about the health screening they undergo.
  6. Staff members of Center for Preventive Medicine will take responsibility for responding to questions from customers regarding their test results, requests for consultations and so on, before and during the health screening. A support desk is also available in the aim of providing a sense of relief for customers.


  • Health screening facility accredited by Japan Society of Ningen Dock
  • Designated training facility for health screening specialists of Japan Scociety of Ningen Dock
  • Accredited by The Japan Brain Dock Society
  • Teaching facility designated by The Japanese Society of Gastrointestinal Cancer Screening
  • JCI* accredited facility
    *International organization for quality assessment on healthcare practices

JCI-accredited hospital

As of November 23, 2013, Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) of the United States, demonstrating that the hospital’s medical care meets international standards in terms of quality and safety.

About Joint Commission International (JCI)

JCI was founded in 1994 as the international wing of the Joint Commission (JC), a third-party accrediting organization for health care institutions in the United States. Formerly named the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), JC was established in 1951. Headquartered in Chicago, JCI supports health care organizations and government bodies in more than 70 countries around the world for the purpose of improving the quality of medical care and patient safety on an ongoing basis. Assessment by JCI being the most stringent in the world, hospitals that have acquired JCI accreditation are recognized as meeting global safety standards of a certain level.

JCI standards

There are a total of 13 JCI standards: seven patient-centered standards (Chapters 1 to 7) and six health care organization management standards (Chapters 8 to 13). Each standard is composed of 1,100 measurable elements.
JCI accreditation must be renewed every three years to ensure ongoing quality improvement and enhancement of health care services. Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital will make continued efforts to provide medical care of an international standard while pursuing enhanced safety.

Features of the center

  • Accredited Facility for Health Screening Services by Japan Society of Ningen Dock

    Our center is accredited by Japan Society of Ningen Dock by meeting all of the required elements of following: “Organizational management system to achieve the mission”, “Reliable and customer-centered health screening practices” and “Sustainable efforts to improve the service quality”.

  • Strict Quality Control System for Keep Maintaining Accuracy

    We are assessed and accredited by third-party organizations for keep maintaining accurate and safe health screening services.

  • Adequate Number of Specialists for Preventive Medical Cares

    Physicians certified by Japan Society of Ningen Dock and skilled medical staff members will support customers with their reliable techniques for maintaining customers’ health.

  • Annexed to Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital Focused on Advanced, Specialized Care

    In case any disorders are detected, we are able to provide customers with detailed examinations and/or treatments promptly in collaboration with Saiseikai Kumamoto Hospital.

  • Follow up System that Supports Customers’ Health after Screenings

    Our services are not health screenings only. We also prioritize follow up services such as lifestyle-related advices and follow up support after detailed examinations.

  • Premium Space for Relaxed Time

    Interior design including furniture or paintings are also carefully selected for creating a relaxed atmosphere for visitors.


5-3-1 Chikami Minami-ku Kumamoto city Kumamoto 861-4193, JAPAN

By airplane, bus, JR train, or taxi

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By car

From FukuokaAt the Kumamoto Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway, take Route 57heading in the direction of Uto. The hospital is located on the right-hand side after the Ryutsu Danchi Iriguchi intersection. (About 40 minutes from the Kumamoto Interchange if not congested.)
From Miyazaki and KagoshimaAt the Mifune Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway, take Route 445 heading in the direction of Kumamoto-shi for about 8 kilometers. (Route 445 merges with Route 266 along the way.)Turn left onto Route 57 and drive on for about 1.5 kilometers. The hospital is located on the right-hand side after the Ryutsu Danchi Iriguchi intersection. (About 20 minutes from the Mifune Interchange if not congested.)
From Aso, Oita, and NobeokaTake Route 57 heading in the direction of Kumamoto-shi. The hospital is located on the right-hand side after the Ryutsu Danchi Iriguchi intersection.


  • Please use the general parking lot of the hospital. Please bring your parking ticket to the cashier on the 1st floor when you leave.
  • Beware of parking lot theft. The hospital will not be liable for any lost or stolen property.